Here’s a brief description and backgroud of the project (original Polish version, click here):

The tourist season in the Philippines was about to start, and along with it, our ten-day vacation. Three weeks before departure we saw devastation and tragedy in the media. The largest typhoon the world had ever seen had just hit the Philippines. In spite of this we decided we would go help out rather than go on a classic vacation. This is how the project began – a comprehensive plan to help the inhabitants of the island of Bantayan, giving them the opportunity to work and earn once again.

The island found itself in the red zone, where the typhoon hit the hardest. Projections clearly indicated that this area would literally be in the eye of the storm. The prediction proved to be one hundred percent correct. Yolanda, (after traveling 1,200 kilometers from where she formed), hit the small Philippine island of Bantayan on the morning of November 8, 2013. Witnesses recounted to us that 2 hours after the first wave of impact they saw an extraordinary phenomenon high above their heads – an enormous pronounced circle with blue sky peering through – the eye of the storm. After this event there was another, even stronger attack. The Wind speed was estimated at 280km / h.

The information appeared in the media immediately. After the impact of the typhoon we started searching for contacts on the island, to at least get minimum first-hand information. We circulated e-mails with information regarding our specializations (product design, film and photography) and our eagerness and readiness to help. Surprisingly, our first response came after a few days. Albert Camay, an employee in the town hall in Santa Fe, wrote: „It will be good, take the next flight in, we will talk on the spot.” Another e-mail came from Anika Island Resort, the only one of the coastal holiday centers that survived the typhoon without major damage. The Message contained information that our help and abilities would be useful on site. The third message was from Bantayan Island Association, which provided us with the most useful information about current island conditions.

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Wieczór Kultury Filipin
21 March 2014 (Friday): 18:00 to 20:00
Lotkietka 5, Wroclaw, Poland

Facebook Event

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The Balikbayan Program is instituted under the administration of the Department of Tourism to attract and encourage overseas Filipinos to come and visit their motherland. This is in recognition of their contribution to the economy of the country through the foreign exchange inflow and revenues that they generate.

The following are considered balikbayan (returning Filipino) travelers to the Philippines: (more…)


List wdzięczności dla Kościoła w Polsce skierowany przez Patricię Ann V. Paez, ambasador Filipin w Polsce


Filipiny i Polska są powiązane więzami wiary katolickiej, którą oba kraje wyznają. Siła tej więzi została ostatnio potwierdzona. W chwilach rozpaczy narodu filipińskiego, w następstwie niszczącego huraganu, który nawiedził środkowe Filipiny, Kościół w Polsce bezzwłocznie udzielił nam pomocy.

Jesteśmy bardzo wdzięczni Konferencji Episkopatu Polski oraz Arcybiskupowi Józefowi Michalikowi za poświęcenie dnia zbiórki dla około 1,4 miliona Filipińczyków dotkniętych skutkami tajfunu. Dziękujemy Caritas Polska, która uruchomiła kampanię zbiórki funduszy za pośrednictwem SMS, oraz milionom katolików, którzy natychmiast odpowiedzieli hojnymi datkami.  Wasi strapieni filipińscy bracia i siostry w wierze odczuli ciepło waszej miłości i troski. Pokazaliście nam, że nie jesteśmy sami. Silnie wyciągnęliście swoje pomocne dłonie, aby podnieść nas na duchu.


Check out the Tastes of Poland – a guide to Polish cuisine presenting the best Polish dishes and products that make Polish food so special

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The Philippine Embassy and the Filipino Community in Poland celebrated the 28th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution with the theme “Kapit Bisig Tungo sa Pagbangon” last Sunday, 23 February 2014.

The event started with a mass officiated by Fr. Jaroslaw Tomaszewski followed by Inspirational remarks by Filcom President Mr. Alex Visalda.

The officers of The Filipino Community in Poland, led by its President, Mr. Alex Visalda, handed-over the donation to Mr. Grzegorz Gruca, Vice President of the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). The donation totalled PLN 17,260.00 (USD 5,655.52) and € 570.00 (USD 779.99). The sum of PLN 6,000.00 (USD 1,966.00) donated by Lingaro Sp. z.o.o. was sent to PAH through bank transfer.

Mr. Gruca informed the Filcom officers that PAH already built houses for 300 families and will help rebuild houses for 800 families in Bantayan Island, Cebu.



Honorary Consulate in Manila

Fernandino T. Lising
Honorary Consul

Address: UPI Building 1, One Fort Santiago, Sta. Clara Str., Intramuros, Manila
Phone: (00-63) 2-527-74-91, (00-63) 2-527-15-82 24, (00-63) 2-527-1582
Fax: (00-63) 2-527-16-03
Opening hours: 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. (Monday-Friday)

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A Joint Initiative of The Filipino Community in Poland and the Embassy of the Philippines in Warsaw

The Filipino Community in Poland and Philippine Embassy in Warsaw will celebrate the 28th Anniversary of EDSA People Power on Sunday, 23 February 2014 with the theme “Kapit Bisig Tungo sa Pagbangon” at the Philippine Embassy, Ul. Lentza 11, Wilanow, Warszawa.

A Philippine Daily Inquirer Article

“…What really draws the interest of Filipino pilgrims to Czestochowa, apart from it being Pope John Paul II’s favorite pilgrim destination, is the marked presence of their kabayan. We were fortunate that our Journeys of Faith group decided to book us in a Franciscan convent just along the street that leads to the Jasna Gora monastery where we could find the sanctuary of the Black Madonna. It was here where we met the Luz-Vi-Min nuns of Czestochowa…”

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